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Successful strategy in omnichannel retail

The competition between online and B&M retail has been intensifying for years. But, feeling panicked and helpless, many companies have lost sight of the essentials: people.

In order to achieve competitive advantages, to be at the front of the field, or even to leave your competitors standing, the people in the front line must be ready for the job. In an age of complete transparency, important issues include store design, inventory levels, and price strategies, as well as the ability to compare constantly. So what’s special about the people who achieve success at the PoS? What should a modern retail growth strategy look like to ensure optimum performance, both now and in the future?

successfull strategies of digital champions

The training plans of digital champions

No doubt you have come across the following situation: A customer approaches you with their smart phone and says: “I want this exact product.” Expert information about the materials used, the country of origin, alternative colours, the cut, and appropriate cross-selling products are sometimes crucial to convince the customer.

It is vital that sales staff are suitably qualified, and are able to access all information quickly and easily. This is only possible if B&M stores are equipped with the best technology. This enables your sales staff to inspire customers with top quality advice. In addition, your employees receive support in situations where visitor frequency is high or administrative tasks have to be completed, meaning that they can focus on customers to the best of their ability. On top of this, modern tools can help to convert trainee and part-time staff into top sellers, as they always have information about customers and products at their fingertips. This then relieves the pressure on your best sales staff, who can then improve even further.

As a team, you benefit from the opportunities provided by the digitisation of B&M retail, and build up the store’s strengths: personalised advice, the physical experience, and the shopping experience of your customers. Our award-winning omnichannel solutions help you to boost your performance:

Endless aisle

Endless aisle

In store, your sales staff and customers have access to the entire product range. By offering the widest possible product range, you can reduce the number of customers who leave without making a purchase (“no-buys”). With the help of product information and videos, your staff learn about new items in a simple way as part of their everyday work.

In-store analytics

In-store analytics

The best sales staff are always looking for motivation to become even better. Give your teams a chance to learn from the best, and work with key performance drivers every day! Compare your businesses to optimise the conversion rate in a systematic manner, and to increase your average spend per customer and overall sales.

CRM at the PoS

CRM at the PoS

Your top sales staff know your best customers. But what happens when they’re not working, or when the customers go to a different branch? Our tools provide all employees with the most important information to best advise your customers and recommend cross-selling products. This intensifies the shopping experience and increases customer loyalty.

Omnichannel solutions

Omnichannel solutions

Success becomes possible when all processes and staff are coordinated. This means that all the IT systems must work together, and your sales staff must be optimally integrated with them. As a full service partner, we take a holistic approach to our omnichannel solutions, and employ experienced training staff to train your employees.