Smart changing room

Phizzard is the pioneer in the future of shopping

Changing rooms are the heart of the business

Only the tiniest proportion of customer leave the changing room more than twice to look for alternative sizes, which are often not even available anyway. Our smart changing rooms mark a milestone in the digitisation of retail, and solve this problem with the help of a smart mirror.

The intuitively operated smart mirror accompanies customers on their customer journey while they are in the changing room. Customers can use the mirror to access extensive product information and check stock levels. In addition, they can also request alternative sizes and cross-selling products, which will then be brought to them by a member of the sales staff. This direct line facilitates and personalises customer contact, thus intensifying the shopping experience.

The smart mirror also gives customers access to the entire product range, which increases the likelihood of them making a purchase, as ordering out-of-stock products is easy. Thus, the B&M retail model in particular benefits from digitisation.


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Digital changing room