• Trends in retail

    Trends in retail

    Grow successfully by having a feel for trends and customer needs

  • Omnichannel Customer Experience

    Omnichannel Customer Experience

    “Best in class” customer journeys in all channels

  • Endless Aisle

    Endless Aisle

    Inspire your customers with innovations and service

  • Omnichannel marketing

    Omnichannel marketing

    Passion leads to happy customers

Rapidly paced innovation

As a pioneer in digital commerce, you are involved in 1,000 construction sites simultaneously. While omnichannel retail is no longer a foreign concept, in practice projects fail because of lack of prioritisation in the day-to-day business.

Why do stores often fail to engage with e-commerce? How should personalised omnichannel marketing be developed if the B&M PoS is not providing insights? What is the basis for the successful development of optimised cross-channel customer journeys? And how can B&M employees be trained in CRM solutions in order to inspire customers through unique shopping experiences?

rapidly paced innovation

Getting to grips with the future of shopping

In recent years, your customers have become increasingly demanding, and as an innovative retailer you wish to fulfil their expectations by providing a special shopping experience. Free yourself from the shackles of IT restrictions! You’re a retailer, not an IT firm.

From a comprehensive range of digital omnichannel services, choose those that support your retail company’s core business, while simultaneously developing the knowledge and skills of your employees. Instead of setting up complex, multi-year, large-scale projects, you will be more successful if you implement short-term pilot projects. This way, you remain one step ahead of the competition, and receive real-time feedback from your customers and employees. Make sure to gather as many insights as possible for your customer funnel. Data and modern analysis tools are the basis for successful omnichannel retail.

Do not pay others to learn from you. You can achieve project success more quickly by taking advantage of the experience that digital pioneers have already gathered.

Endless Aisle

Endless Aisle

With the endless aisle, offer your customers a wide range of products and reduce the number of customers who leave your stores without making a purchase (“no-buys”). When providing advice, in addition to offering your customers the products you have available in store, you can also reserve or order items only available in another branch, online, or from the manufacturer.

Omnichannel commerce

Retail intelligence

Experiment as much as you want, and apply what you learn in a targeted manner! Thanks to our advanced in-store tracking tools, flexible high-tech people counters, and future-oriented insights into the customer funnel, you can scale your successful innovations intelligently and quickly, even without a data science team.

CRM at the PoS

Premium CRM

Get the most out of valuable customer data during sales talks, and inspire your customers with personalised campaigns across all channels. Customer insights provide you and your branches with important advantages over your competitors. Increase your visitor frequency and average spend per customer with our CRM.

Future of the retail

Advanced services

Do you want to stand out from the competition by offering an omnichannel customer experience and special added value? Offer your customers excellent service and have your finger on the pulse of new trends in retail? Ask us! Phizzard knows how to develop suitable extras for your sector and business concept, for example the smart mirror.