• Retail intelligence

    Retail intelligence

    Benchmark your core business with transparent success drivers

  • Surface area profitability

    Surface area profitability

    Optimisation of store performance using people counters with over 95% data quality

  • Omnichannel processes

    Omnichannel processes

    Optimum stock levels and processes through tried-and-tested omnichannel infrastructure

  • Retail 4.0

    Retail 4.0

    Combine the strengths of the bricks-and-mortar retail with those offered by e-commerce.

Optimisation in Retail 4.0

Visitor numbers and sales prices have been declining for years, while competition is increasing. Retail is under pressure to improve business performance and optimise processes. Excessive stock levels, inefficient allocation of stock to stores, lack of transparency on no-buys, unsuitable deployment of sales staff, administrative cost of sales, lack of coordination between e-commerce and B&M retail, inefficient marketing campaigns and sales processes, too little use of CRM systems at the PoS... Many retail problems can be solved with intelligent digital solutions.

So why do many retailers find that their digitisation projects fail? Many project fail because of their high complexity, lack of change management, lack of transparency, or the lack of flexibility of existing IT systems. How can retailers reduce the risks of digitisation? What do successful models of digital transformation look like? What are the rules?


Efficient omnichannel processes

In order to minimise the risks of digitisation, you should implement small, manageable pilot projects which can be completed in the short term. This enables all those involved to learn from their practical experiences in store, and to apply this experience to follow-up projects. Where digital projects are concerned, it is essential to involve digital experts who have already carried out similar projects several times. Their experience is invaluable in winning over distribution and in-store sales staff to the changes. Uncertainty leads to doubt and rejection. To achieve acceptance, you need solid change management. You also need project partners who know what they are doing, where errors may arise and how to avoid them, and who have experience of similar projects and have thus developed special skills when it comes to calmly solving problems in delicate situations.

Omnichannel processes require a high degree of transparency among all those involved, as well as agile development methods. Young companies are at an advantage here, as they are skilled at adapting quickly to changing conditions. This skill is critical to success, as projects which started out small can soon become tough, long-term projects where no-one officially does anything wrong, but no-one does anything right either. In order to maintain the long-term enthusiasm of those involved for omnichannel processes, success must be quickly visible.

The following omnichannel solutions can be of great help during the digitisation process.

Omnichannel infrastructure

Omnichannel infrastructure

Customer terminals, mobile data capture devices, decentralised data supply, and integrated software and data solutions form the technological platform for the smooth provision of real-time omnichannel services. Cost effective standard solutions or additional services - we provide you with effective, reliable technologies and practical experience for your digital transformation process.

Endless aisle

Endless aisle

Only 20% of store visitors find something they like and buy it. Increase this percentage by presenting items available in other branches or online. You can also establish a direct link to your suppliers’ warehouses and sell their items directly in your stores. This enables you to reduce your stock levels, cut storage costs, and reduce the number of no-buys among your store visitors!

In-store analytics

In-store analytics

Use reliable measurement tools in your stores! Solid data offers increased transparency of sales processes and marketing campaigns. Benchmark your stores against each other, optimise staff deployment, analyse the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, and improve the in-store customer funnel.

CRM at the PoS

CRM at the PoS

Incomplete, outdated, or flawed? The key for successful CRM lies in the data. Apply your data optimally across all channels. For example, for your top customers you can advertise only the products relevant to them and available in their stores. Use insights on price sensitivity and brand preference during sales talks! Increase the average spend per customer with appropriate cross-selling, and visitor frequency with satisfied customers.