Handhelds for sales staff

Personalize your Customer Relationship Management

Transparency and flexibility

The salespeople have access to the virtual shelf extension and no longer have to leave the customer alone to check the stock in the warehouse. The system displays the complete inventory of your store, any other stores, and the central warehouse. Detailed product information and cross-selling articles are also available. This transparency and flexibility offers considerable added value in day-to-day business.

Another advantage is the delivery service. If a customer does not fit an article, the desired size can be requested. The sales staff will then be informed by means of a push message. The advantage over a standard tablet is that it uses durable industrial hardware with a reliable, integrated scanner.

This form of sales support is particularly suitable for large sales areas in order to be even closer to the customer. Personal and close customer contact at the highest level at the digital POS in the stationary retail trade!

Tablet POS
  • CRM am POS + Virtuelle Regalverlängerung
  • CRM am POS + Bring Service
  • CRM am POS + Menue
  • CRM am POS + Produktsuche
  • CRM am POS + Scanner