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In 2014, when the majority of stores had already written off stationary fashion stores, Phizzard developed the smart dressing room. This was the starting signal for the digitization of retail also in stationary trading and thus an important milestone for omnichannel retailing, which at that time was still called multi-channel retail.

Why did we just start digitizing fashion retail in the dressing room? Because it's the most important place in a store. The dressing room is the place where the customer decides whether to buy something or not. Because only if an article fits, customers buy it. Most store visitors only enter a changing room twice. If, after the second attempt, no items fit, the majority of visitors leave the shop without buying anything. The fact that only 20% of the visitors usually buy something is also because of so-called no-buys, when the items that customers are looking for are not available in the shop.

Phizzard's digital innovations solve these problems. With the virtual shelf extension, merchants can increase the probability of buying by offering the items that are available in other stores or in the central warehouse. Even stocks from manufacturer's warehouses can be docked. This minimizes storage costs, expensive stock transfers and the number of no-buys. The sales staff simply take the appropriate items to the customer's cabin. Our Omnichannel solutions help you improve the shopping experience and increase both conversion rates and average sales based on in-store analytics.

  • Virtuelle Regalverlaengerung
  • Smarte Umkleidekabine
  • Smarte Umkleidekabine
  • Endless Aisle

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