Endless aisle

Expand your product range and increase your surface area profitability

Largest product range

Thanks to Phizzard’s endless aisle, you can maximise the range of products on offer in your stores while simultaneously cutting storage costs by reducing your stock levels. You can also reduce the amount of costly stock redistribution.

You can easily reserve or order items for your customers that are only available in other branches or online. And all at the most convenient time, when you are with the customer in store! This also increases the likelihood that each customer will buy at least one item. After all, lack of stock availability is the most common reason for a purchase decision not being made. Never say the words “out of stock” again, and say goodbye to no-buys!

In addition to this, you can also offer the latest product releases directly by ordering the newest items via your link to the supplier. This allows you to react quickly to new trends!

Endless Aisle
Endless aisle

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