• Digital Change

    Digital change

    Visible success with digitally networked industry partners

  • Omnichannel strategy

    Omnichannel strategy

    Tried-and-tested solutions to enhance quality of advice

  • The future of retail

    The future of retail

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  • Customer loyalty

    Customer loyalty

    Healthy growth through Customer Relationship Management

Competition in the age of digitisation

How can retailers ensure their continued existence? Retail is currently undergoing permanent changes in the form of digitisation. What started 20 years ago with e-commerce has now permeated all sales channels. These days, customers hardly distinguish between online and B&M retail. They expect high-quality service and coordinated processes, regardless of the channel. Otherwise they are prepared to complain, and will switch to the competition more quickly than before. Some retail companies have already suffered, with share prices experiencing a rollercoaster ride.

Paradigm shifts are taking place in retail. Customers are increasingly demanding from B&M retail the same services that they have become accustomed to online. Companies which find themselves unable to meet the growing needs of their customers in this digital revolution run the risk of jeopardising their future. It is no longer enough to quickly set up an online store, as the large online retailers and marketplaces are already in the starting blocks to establish themselves in B&M retail.


Securing your future with the right omnichannel strategy

External pressures are now forcing traditional retailers to ask themselves an existential question: What makes me special as a retailer in the eyes of my customers and important business partners?

My purchasing skills, feel for trends, negotiation skills, empathy with customer needs, good manufacturer and supplier relationships, process know-how, employee training, knowledge about selecting suitable locations, marketing and visual marketing expertise? Or just luck? What is a business owner’s recipe for success? Does this also apply to digital retail, and how can it be transferred? With a clear profile, and an image of where you want to positions yourself in the future of retail, you can select the right digital approaches.

Phizzard is an award-winning pioneer of digital solutions for the retail market. Since 2014, we have been developing projects that combine tradition and modernity, and thus combining the strengths of B&M retail with those of e-commerce. Through our extensive experience in the field of omnichannel retail, we know which approaches have proved their worth, what’s important, and how the risks of digitisation can be minimised in order to develop the right omnichannel strategy.

CRM at the PoS

CRM at the PoS

Regardless of the store, your employees must be fully informed about your customers at all times. This is the only way to guarantee top-quality advice and thus secure the appreciation of regular customers, even in the absence of your top sales staff. Based on shopping history, they can offer personalised suggestions and encourage impulse buys.

In- store analytics

In-store analytics

Employees receive a constant overview of the overall situation, even if they are not on site. This means that in the case of doubt, they can react in the same way and adapt their strategy as soon as they see a drop in visitor frequency, surface area profitability, or conversion rate. It is up to you to identify your best stores, and to utilise the insights gained.

Endless aisle

Endless aisle

You have close links to your manufacturers and suppliers. You have good availability of less popular sizes and older items. Your employees always have access to product information, and are thus quicker to get to know new items. This increases service quality, and thus also customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel strategy

Our holistic omnichannel system is a unified digital end-to-end solution that will benefit you, your customers, and your employees alike. It forms the basis for the sustainable, well thought-out digital transformation of your company. In combination with your experience, we will accompany you through each part of the process step-by-step.